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Tennessee Right to Life Legislative Action Center

Protect The People's Vote on Amendment 1:  Sign the 6th Circuit Court Amicus Brief

Rather than accept defeat, Planned Parenthood is willing to disenfranchise pro-life voters in order to ensure that Tennessee remains an abortion destination.  That was unacceptable on Election Day 2014 and it remains so nearly two years after clear public approval of Amendment 1.

On November 4, 2014, Tennessee voters approved passage of pro-life Amendment 1 to the Tennessee Constitution by a margin of 53-47 percent. Three days later, Planned Parenthood Board Chair, Tracey E. George and other Planned Parenthood Board members filed a federal lawsuit claiming that their voting rights had been violated and that ballots were not properly counted.

Yes on 1 calls the lawsuit one more example of pro-abortion activists refusing to trust the common sense and compassion of Tennesseans who largely favor legal protections for abortion-vulnerable women, girls and unborn children in our state.

"Amendment 1 was passed with a clear majority of Tennesseans casting a vote to approve the language," said Brian Harris, coordinator for Yes on 1 Ballot Committee. "No voter should be stripped of their right to effect social change with their vote or to positively impact the public policies of their community, state and nation."

On April 22, 2016, Federal District Court Judge Kevin Sharp ruled in favor of the Planned Parenthood plaintiffs and demanded a recount of the ballots on Amendment 1.  Sharp also maintained that the ballot of any Tennessean having voted for Amendment 1 but not also casting a vote in the Governor's race must be thrown out.

The case is now on appeal to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati with a hearing date to be set.

The Yes on 1 Ballot Committee urges concerned Tennesseans to Protect the People's Vote on Amendment 1 by signing the Friend-of-the-Court (amicus) brief being filed by Yes on 1.




Make your voice heard now to defend the lawful outcome of the Amendment 1 vote!




Tennessee Student Places Third in National Right to Life Oratory Contest

Danielle Quesinberry Wants Women to be Aware of Hope-Filled Adoption Stories Like Hers

Tennessee's winner of the 17th annual Pro-Life Oratory Contest for High School Students placed third at the national contest held July 9 in Herndon, Virginia.

Danielle Quesinberry, daughter of Robin and Lisa Quesinberry of Seymour, won the opportunity to represent Tennessee during state finals held earlier this summer in Nashville.  There, Danielle's speech was awarded first place and an expense paid trip to the national finals held each year in conjunction with the National Right to Life convention.

Danielle spoke positively of the impact that adoption has on individuals and families.  "What if my adoption story would have never been written, and I didn't exist to share it with you right now. I know my 16 year-old birth mom contemplated terminating her pregnancy with me, making me just another statistic....", she said. "(But) my life mattered to my birth mom, so instead of abortion she chose adoption, and I'm so thankful she did."

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New Pro-Life Law Takes Effect Today in Tennessee

Tougher regulations regarding the treatment of fetal remains in Tennessee go into effect today, July 1, 2016, thanks largely to the leadership of Governor Bill Haslam.  The proposed policy was introduced by the Haslam administration as a priority last January in order "to strengthen accountability and transparency for surgery centers performing abortion."

Strongly supported by Tennessee Right to Life and passed overwhelmingly by members of the General Assembly, the new law strengthens existing policy by specifically prohibiting the offer or acceptance of payment for remains of an aborted child including any reimbursement for transfer, shipping or handling of fetal remains.  The legislation was passed in April by overwhelming margins: 28-1 in the state Senate and 79-9 in the state House.  Longtime pro-life leader Rep. Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville) sponsored the House version while pro-life Senator Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield) ably carried the bill in the state Senate.

"Pro-life Tennesseans salute Governor Haslam, his administration and members of the General Assembly for doing everything possible to reduce the profit margin and motive within Tennessee's abortion industry," said Cathy Waterbury, Legislative Liaison for Tennessee Right to Life. "Tennessee's pro-life majority is committed to protecting human life and a key way to do so is to hold these abortion profiteers accountable."

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